Handy tips when playing slot machines

slotsWe're going to give you some valuable tips that will hopefully stand you in good stead next time you play a slots machine at our online casinos. Before we play we always check the 'Paytable' to see which icons offer the highest cash prize, if there are any bonus games with Pick Me Features and how to trigger the free spins. Just remember online casinos don't make their money from winners but from losers.

Valuable Tips When Playing Slot Machines

1. Discipline. When you are losing discipline is easy but the fun and games start when you start winning big. If your payout is more than 50x your wager consider it a big win. Take this one lucky Russian player for example, he won $1,889 on Novomatic's sensational Book of Ra Deluxe 6 ( Did he exercise the necessary discipline? Yes he did, the secret of his success is that he walked away from the slots while he was a winner. If you lose 50% of your bankroll stop playing immediately.

2. Distractions. When you play make sure that there are no distractions and always make sure that you focus on the game. I remember I played Gonzo's Quest a while ago, got distracted and made a wager of £20 per spin instead of £2. The crux of the matter is when you're distracted you'll make a wager without thinking.

3. Number of Lines. Slots machines come in various flavours that range from progressive jackpots, 3D slots to simple classics with paylines that range from 10 to 50. When you play always select the maximum number of paylines so that it pays the top cash prize based on the wager you've made.

4. Don't Rush. As mentioned previously, to become good at playing slots requires discipline and a bit of knowledge. If you want to be a successful slots player you must play slowly and above all enjoy the entire gaming experience. And, make sure that the online casino you're playing at offers you comps every time you play.

5. Bankroll. If you don't have enough money to risk or simply can't afford it never gamble. When playing a slots machine, play with enough money to trigger the free spins feature. If you've set cash aside per session never exceed it and don't bet more than you have budgeted. Start a sequence of wagers with the minimum unit price per spin. If your bankroll has shot up by 50% put half of it away and play with the rest. If you continue on winning, rinse and repeat and if you win 100% of your original stake cash in and walk away.

6. Low, Medium or High Variance Slots? This depends on the type of player you are. I divide players into different categories: low, medium and high staked players. High rollers are only in it for the cash. In other words they'll seldom play for entertainment and only play medium to high variance slot games. A shining example of a high variance game is Net Entertainment's Jack Hammer slots (

Medium variance slots on the other hand are played by medium rollers looking for a bit of entertainment and at the same time out to win some cash. While low staked players only play for entertainment purposes, they prefer low variance games that pay small amounts that can be played for hours on end. How do I know if a game is low variance? You can do this by perusing the 'Paytable' of the slots machine. If the highest paying icon pays out 10x your stake for 5 symbols at the maximum wager it's normally a low variance slots.


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