How to win at the Money Wheel? (Dream Catcher Strategy)

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How to play with the Money Wheel casino game?

The Money Wheel, also called as Dream Catcher is already available in several continental casinos long ago. We could also say, that it is partiallysimilar to roulette, although there are some differences. You should know, that Dream Catcher is a money wheel, divided into 52 parts, and each segment is signed by a number (1, 2, 5, 20 & 40).

Dream Catcher Strategy

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What are the X2 and X7 numbers?

These numbers have own colours. Moreover, beside the numbered segments, there is also an X2 and an X7 multiplier too. We tell You, that these will be the most valuable segments for You during the game. Until the beginning of the game, like in case of the roulette, You have to place your bets on the numbers. However, You can win here that amount, which matches with the number that You placed your bet on. So if You bet on nr. 1, your prize will be X1, and of course You receive your bet too. So basically nr. 1 means doubling, however, this may increase due to the multipliers. Obviously nr.2 means X2 multiplier, while nr. 40 means X40.

How to win X2 or X7 multiplier with the Dream Catcher casino game?

Money Wheel X2Like in case of other numbered segments, we may win X2 or X7 multiplier, if the wheel stops there after spinning. Unfortunately we can’t influence this, however, if we watch the already spinned numbers (visible on the bottom-right of the game), then we will know, when was multiplier last spinned. It is worth to observe, because this way we can figure out how often specific numbers occur, including that if X2 or X7 multiplier have not been selected for a while, then it is worth to place a higher bet.

Why isn’t it worth to place low bets?

Mobile slot tricksWell, because if You have placed X amount on a specific number, and after the spin, the wheel stops at the X7 multiplier, then we can’t win and can’t re-bet with a higher bet.In this case You can’t re-bet. You just have to sit in your chair and hope that the wheel will stop at an already selected number, which may result in a higher prize. As curiosity, if You have placed your bet let’s say on nr. 40 with €10, and the when first stopped at X7 multiplier, then You will have X280 multiplier. If following a new spin, it stops at nr. 40, then You instantly won €2810. This advice already answers on the question ‘How to win at Money Wheel’? 🙂

Are You already interested into how to win at Money Wheel?

If You follow us now, then we show You some very valuable Money Wheel strategies for completely free, which may be a huge help for You during the game. We just ask You to reward our article with a ‘like’. Really! If the registration is missing, You may make it right now by clicking here! 🙂

We hope You found our Dream Catcher strategies useful and know the answer on the question ‘How to win at Money Wheel’.Well, before starting to apply these strategies, You should know, that this is just a gamble, so carefully test Your luck! 🙂

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