How to win Dead or Alive 2? ( Dead or Alive 2 Strategy )

Dead or Alive two tipsDead or Alive slot machine is the favourite one for many. You know, this is the slot machine where the show up of 5 SCATTER symbols is worth the X2500 of your actual bet. 🙂 However, many do not know, that Dead or Alive 2, the second series is already released and available in EnergyCasino! What to say about this game? Simply great and fantastic! It can bring You much more than its predecessor. Here, in case of showing up of 3 or more Scatter symbols, You get not only 10 free spins. In case of Dead or Alive 2, You may choose from 3 different bonus games. So You can decide it by your own, which bonus game You wish to take part in. This, on the one hand, an advantage of Dead or Alive 2 slot machine, but on the other hand, it makes us think about which game to choose? However, if we would like to know how to win Dead or Alive 2, then we have to clarify this question too.

Which bonus game to choose on Dead or Alive 2 slot machine?

Well, when 3 or more SCATTER symbols show up on the winner reels, then we can choose from the bonus games. We can choose the appropriate one from three different bonus games. These are OLD SALOON FREE SPINS, HIGH NOON SALOON FREE SPINS and TRAIN ROBBERY FREE SPINS. But which one is the best? First of all, learn all of them.

How to win Dead or Alive 2? Bonus tips & Strategies

Win or LoseBy analysing all the three bonuses, we practically answer the question ‘How to win Dead or Alive 2’. We think that most times it is worth to choose the HIGH NOON SALOON FREE SPINS bonus. According to our experiences, You can bring out the maximum from the Dead or Alive 2 slot machine at this bonus. This is the bonus, which means a good Dead or Alive strategy when chosen. Of course this does not mean, that You should always choose the HIGH NOON SALONN FREE SPINS bonus. Like in case of all slot machines, You should make changes sometimes. Let’s say if any of them does not work on one day, then You should choose another one.

How to play Dead or Alive 2 slot machine?

Well, we have already mentioned above, that Dead or Alive 2 slot machine is already available in the popular EnergyCasino. Moreover, we do not tell a big secret, if we say that the first series was very popular in this casino too. So it will be certainly very successful as well. Of course this great slot machine is available not only in EnergyCasino. Among others, You can also test your luck with Dead or Alive 2 slot machine in Unibet casino. Wherever You play, let us wish You good luck! 🙂

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