How to win on Nirvana slot machine?

How to win Nirvana <a  href=slot machine" width="300" height="168" />If we needed to describe with one word, Nirvana slot machine would get the fantastic word. This is because, on hand, its appearance and on the other hand, its entertaining gameplay. However, many player don't know how to win on Nirvana slot machine. We would like to help so we show you some precious slot machine strategies. Those who follow our slot machine strategies, will have more successful moments, we guarantee that.

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How to win free spins on Nirvana slot machine?

Nirvana slot machine free spinsOn Nirvana slot machine, we can win free spins in more ways. Firstly, unlike on other slots, here only 2 FREE SPIN, ie. SCATTER symbols give free spins. In fact, these are special free spins. In this case we win one of the 3 individual types of free spins. These are called WILD SEEDS, MEGA REEL and NUDGE REELS.

In case of WILD SEEDS, after the free spins, additional WILD symbols help us which can be located randomly.

In case of MEGA REEL, the same symbols appear on the three middle reels.

In case of NUDGE REELS, the reels moves the place to give you the highest possible winning.

Unfortunately, in case of the 2 FREE SPIN, we cannot choose what free round we would like use from the available free spins. However, we can choose it if we can land 3 or more FREE SPINS. So in this case we recommend choosing NUDGE REELS in order to get more and more free spins. So we have much more chance to win additional free spins.

In addition, if 3 SCATTERS appear again during free spins, we can choose another feature along with the already existing one. Our recommendation in this case is the MEGA REEL feature. Just because NUDGE REELS and MEGA REELS features together can make a huge winning.

Which bet to place on Nirvana slot machine?

Since 2 SCATTERS give free spins on Nirvana slot machine, it's worth playing with a bet higher than the average. However, if we can't see at least 2 SCATTER symbols after maximum 10 spins with the given bet, we definitely need to raise or lower the bet. Those who follow our how to win on Nirvana slot machine strategy, will have big wins soon, we guarantee that.

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