How to win on Aliens slot machine?

Why do many people like Aliens online slot machine?

How to win on Aliens slot machineSince its release, the number of players who have played at least once with the popular Aliens online slot machine, constantly increasing. One reason could be that almost everyone have seen an alien based movie. This could be the movie Alien from 1979 but any other alien production.

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It's not a secret that Aliens online slot machine is based on the movie Alien. The slot machine is completely based and built up on the movie so it offers a very exciting entertainment to all players. However, many of them don't know how to win with Aliens slot machine, that's why we would like to give a hand.

How to play with Aliens slot machine?

Aliens video slot machineAliens online video slot machine is a 5-reel, 3-row and 15-line online slot with bonus game. So there's no need to look for it, we can never win free spins with Aliens slot machine. Despite this, a loads of money can be won in the bonus game.

To this, one should pass all the barriers successfully and get into the bonus game. It's ought to know that in Aliens slot machine, this feature is called levels, not bonus games. Everyone who launches the game, starts from the first level. Of course, the main goal is to reach the queen, who is on level 3.

How to enter level 2 in Aliens video slot machine?

Aliens slot machines 2 levelAll prizes won by spins bring us closer to the next level. However, the spins without winnings will take a step back on this journey. Obviously, our aim is to get more and more lucky spins. It can happen that 2 or 3 spins will be enough to enter the next level.

Nevertheless, we can be in a bad streak when we have 10-20 or even 30 unlucky spins. To avoid this, we need to follow one important rule. If we had 10 unlucky spins, let's place another bet or switch to another slot machine. According to our statistics, it's difficult to be successful after 10 unlucky spins with Aliens slot machine.

Another important rule to get into the next level is, in case more times we only need one spin to enter the bonus game and we can't make it, let's place another bet again or stop playing Aliens slot machine. That's what we, players call pranking mode, where we can only lose and won't obtain much if we can finally enter the bonus game.

What we need to do when we reach level 2 on Aliens slot machine?

Actually nothing! We just need to observe and count the prizes. Of course, this is not the finish and the highest winning because we can go even higher, to the third level. We only need to keep our fingers crossed to manage to get into the third level like before, at the second level.

What do we need to do if we managed to enter the 3rd level?

Alienes video slot 3 rdKeep those fingers crossed, jitter a little and hope to successfully defeat the queen. It's obvious that this can give the highest prize. To achieve this, we need to get the highest prize as soon as possible.

When is it worth playing Aliens video slot machine?

When we get closer to the next level with nearly every 2nd spin. We can often reach level 2 and then sometimes we can reach the 3rd level, too if we can see that we win continuously, even just a little-but that's a winning that needs to be appreciated. Other popular slot machine in the Caribbean Holidays.

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