How to win on Jack Hammer slot machine?

Who do we recommend Jack Hammer slot machine?

How to win Jack Hammer slotIn the first place, for those casino players who like it when a slot machine can offer a constant excitement. No need to wait for a long time and almost every second or third spin can be worth a prize in good occasions. Of course, any players can have bad streaks. To avoid this, let us represent and tell how to win on Jack Hammer slot machine.

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It's important to know that Jack Hammer slot machine is very different from other slots. In case of other slot machines, our prize will be credited on our casino account after a lucky spin. In case of Jack Hammer slot machine, this is completely different. This is because our game truly starts when we manage to land a combination that reveals a winning.

What's Sticky Win feature on Jack Hammer slot machine?

Jack Hammer slot Sticky winThis is exactly the feature that helps to win higher prizes more times, unlike other slots. Thanks to this, all of our spins will be worth free spins till the next spins are lucky or all reels are covered with symbols that are worth prizes. It's obvious that there's a chance to win a lot more times than lose with Jack Hammer slot machine.

However it's important to know that there are times when it's not worth playing Jack Hammer slot machine. We can notice this in a blink of an eye when we can't obtain winnings after 5-10 consecutive spins. It's not worth launching the game because we have realized that in this case, even if we could win a prize, our winning wouldn't be much. So if we are in this situation, we should change the bet or close the window and launch another one.

How to win up to 30 free spins on Jack Hammer slot machine?

Jack Hammer slot free spinsSticky Win feature can be a big help when it's about winning free spins. In general, we can tell that 5 FREE SPINS symbols are needed to activate free spins. This is because it's not that typical to Jack Hammer slot machine, although 5 FREE SPINS can appear with a single spin. According to our experiences, only 3 symbols appear at first. After that, thanks to the Sticky Win feature, another spin comes which can be handy when the next ones needs to appear.

This can be up to 15. However, to achieve the maximum of 30 free spins, only 9 FREE SYMBOLS need to appear on the reels. According to our statistics, we have a chance of getting the most free spins if at least one of the first reel contains FREE SPINS symbol. We don't know why but we won a higher number of free spins, more times.

Which bet should we place on Jack Hammer slot machine?

The best thing to do on Jack Hammer slot is to switch the bet constantly. Low, medium, high bets, then medium and low again However, the best for us is if we can win free spins with high bets. So in case of Jack Hammer slot, we recommend-if you can afford-to spin 1 or 2 with the maximum bet. Only 3 identical symbols might be enough to activate the Sticky Win feature. That can be worth record high winnings in some cases for any casino players.

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