How to win on Mega Fortune?

How Mega Fortune slot machine works?

Mega Fortune slot machineMany online casino players' beloved slot machine is the Mega Fortune, though not so many of them can proudly tell that they've won high prizes with this online slot machine. One reason could be the game without strategies but we're here to help with this article. Those who have played a lot with Mega Fortune online slot, already know that it has 3 jackpots. These are the RAPID, MAJOR and MEGA jackpots. Like in case of all jackpot slots, our main goal is to grab any of the jackpots. But before we would talk about the jackpots, we would like to present the slot's other excellent features.

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How to win free spins with Mega Fortune slot?

Mega Fortune free spinsLike in case of other slot machines which offer free spins, the appearance of 3 SCATTER symbols will launch free spins. It's not always easy to get this. In fact, an important advice is to play with higer bets to achieve free spins, not the smallest. Our recommendation is the minimum of €2 but maybe €5 bet. Because if we can make it with this bet, the prize will be much higher.

As our experience shows, when the SCATTER symbol appears on the first two reels, if not in the current spin but soon free spins can be achieved on Mega Fortune slot machine. However, if we can't make it even for the 5th spin, we should take a little break. One of the online slots' big advantage is that thousands of players can play with the same slot machine at a time. So if we feel like that, let's wait a little.

How to win Mega Fortune jackpot?

Mega Fortune bonus gameTo win the jackpot, we've got a great example from a Hungarian player. This person, although hasn't won MEGA and MAJOR jackpots yet, but won RAPID jackpot multiple times on Mega Fortune slot machine. In fact, he used the same strategy twice. Those who don't know, we can win the jackpot on Mega Fortune slot if BONUS symbols appear on the first three reels next to each other. After this, we'll see a circle and two others. We can win any of them if the wheel stops at the circle. The RAPID jackpot is on the 2nd level. We can win the MAJOR and MEGA jackpot in the inmost circle.

According to our experienced players, this can be done easier when we monitor the button that points towards to the inner circle. We press the stop button when it's in the upper right corner. In fact, statistics show that we have bigger chances of entering into the inner circle. After we've managed to do this, let's apply the same strategy in case of the other circles. It's important to observe the speed of the wheel. It's a fact that in all cases, the button should be pressed when the arrow is in the upper right corner, but there are times when only one or two seconds matter so we shall be quick.

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