How to win on SEASONS slot machine?

How to win on Seasons slot machine?SEASONS slot machine made by YGGDRASIL software company invites everyone to an adventurous game. In fact, in not the usual way as slots with free spins do it. It's a fact that we can win free spins on SEASONS slot but this is not the most important factor. However, to help how to win on SEASONS slot machine, we need to go into details.

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As we've mentioned earlier, SEASONS slot machine is also a creation of YGGDRASIL such as VIKINGS GO WILD and NIRVANA slots. It's good to know about these slots that unlike other providers, they offer a truly entertaining game. For instance, if we know how to win on VIKINGS GO WILD slot machine, we can achieve a large amount of money.

We might have a bit higher chance of winning a lot with SEASONS slot machine than on other three slots mentioned above. This is because not only one but four individual WILD symbols help our game and on the other hand, we can use these symbols during free spins. In fact, all Wild symbols has their own advantage. Let's talk about them a little to reveal a useful slot machine tip.

Wild Symbols on Seasons slot machineOn SEASONS slot machine, the symbol of winter is the rabbit and when it appears, doubles up and reaches the highest winning possible. Of course, the more rabbit symbols the better in a single spin.

The owl, i.e. the spring symbol gives free spins till it stays there for another round or another one comes.

The summer symbol which is a roe deer is a symbol which can be worth a lot. After its appearance, a WILD symbol appears on the left and right side of the symbol plus above and below it.

The last and most valued symbol which is worth record high prizes is the symbol of autumn, the fox. The appearance of the fox symbol multiplies our win . The number of multipliers depends on how many symbols appear on the reels in a certain spin.

Now we can see how much a certain symbol is worth on SEASONS slot machine. It's good to know that it's not determined which seasons will be the first to launch and what bet we should play in the seasons. According to our experiences, the best symbols are the summer and the autumn.

Knowing this, we can play like, for instance, we start launching a spin with a lower bet till we can see our favorited season. So let's say, if we started the game in winter, the slot can switch to the next season after at least 10 spins and we can raise the bet. It's very important that it's worth changing the bet on this slot machine as well but we ought to know when it's the best time to do it. We hope we could give a few useful advice on how to win on SEASONS slot machine!

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