How to win with Boom Brothers slot machine?

First of all, let's know more about Boom Brothers slot machine:

How to win Boom Brothers slot?Boom Brothers slot machine is extremely interesting yet exciting online slot machine. We gotta admit that NetEnt, the developer of this slot machine, among others, really knows what casino players want. Certainly they kept in mind these treasured points of view when they created this 5-reel, 3-row and 20-lines online slot machine.

Online Casinos with Boom Brothers slot machine:

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However, we have to admit that unlike other slot machines with good appearance, this is not Boom Brothers slot machine's strength. Don't misunderstand it, we didn't say it doesn't look good but in this case, this is not the most important part of why we recommend trying it at least once.

How to win free spins with Boom Brothers slot machine?

Boom Brothers free spins roundLike several slot machines which are made by NetEnt, Boom Brothers is also a slot machine with free spins bonus. Those who have been playing at the casino for a long time, already know that we call them like this because we can obtain free spins if certain symbols appear. As in its name, we don't need to pay or it.

Obviously, the symbols to launch free spins need to appear. In case of Boom Brothers slot machine, at least 3 FREE SPINS symbol have to appear. If we manage to do it, we'll win the number of free spins that are shown in the FREE SPINS symbols with a X3 multiplier.

Boom Brothers free spins tips:

Boom-Brothers free spinsAccording to our statistics, unfortunately free spins can be won less on Boom Brothers slot times comparing to other slot machines. Therefore, if one succeeds, should appreciate it. Those who are not, we recommend to not play Boom Brothers slot machine that day any longer.

In order to give a hand to you, we tell that the biggest chance of obtaining free spins is when 2 of them appear in the first and second reels. There is an very important rule. In this case, don't use the immediate stop feature. According to our calculations, we can win free spins more times when we let the reels spin on their own.

How can we enter the bonus game with Boom Brothers slot machine?

Boom Brothers bonus gameAccording to several casino players, this is one of the worst feature of Boom Brothers slot machine. Despite this, we believe that it's possible to win with that. However, it's needed to know how it works. Many people make a mistake when they use a wrong strategy during playing Boom Brothers slot machine.

We can enter the bonus game in Boom Brothers slot if adjacent RAILTRACK symbols appear on the first three reels. But that's not over yet, we're halfway to the bonus game. After this, we'll see a railway under construction. We'll get into the bonus game if the railway construction is completed. Only two rails are needed to can succeed and we can make it, but sometimes we can't.

Yes, it's a bit annoying feature in Boom Brothers slot machine but don't worry, according to our experiences, everyone can enter the bonus game after 3 or 4 failed attempts. So the worst that we can do is to change the bet or slot machine after 3 attempts. Don't do it, you'll make it.

If we could make it with a bigger, €10-20 bet, that's good, there is a chance to win thousands of Euros. We'll see three wagons which can be worth a lot. To win a lot, the highest competitor needs

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